Corporate Accountant

Corporate Accountant

A Corporate Accountant’s range of tasks

The Corporate Accountant ensures the implementation and control of a holding’s accounting. He or she…

  • takes care of the monthly closing and VAT declaration within the predetermined deadlines;
  • guards accounting data according to legal policies;
  • coordinates the accounting of all invoices and bank statements;
  • keeps track of an analytical accounting;
  • closes the fiscal year, sets up annual accounts, reports and fiscal files and fills out the corporate tax declaration.

The Corporate Accountant checks the correctness of the accounting and both organises and coordinates tax audits. He communicates with the government on false or belated declarations. He or she…

  • is responsible for banking;
  • cooperates with the establishment of companies;
  • sets up the yearly client listing;
  • is responsible for the insurance portfolio and the processing of damage cases;
  • guarantees the fleet management and the protection of valuable documents.

A Corporate Accountant’s profile

  • Master’s degree in economics;
  • outstanding knowledge of fiscal matters;
  • at least 5 years of experience;
  • dynamic and immune to stress.

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