An IFRS-Accountant’s range of tasks

An IFRS-Accountant participates in the monthly closings. He or she…

  • collects and checks all the information to implement IFRS-adjustments in an ERP-environment;
  • executes in BGAAP and IFRS;
  • verifies the consolidated financial states;
  • makes corrections if necessary and analyses the differences between budget figures and reality.

The IFRS-Accountant also takes part in the monthly management reporting. He or she…

  • prepares the budgets;
  • verifies the received information;
  • implements IFRS-adjustments.

The IFRS-Account acts within the organisation as an IFRS Knowledge Centre. Through trainings and self-study he builds expertise in IFRS and shares that knowledge via workshops and trainings. He or she…

  • takes care of the basic documentation on new standards and requirements;
  • knows the answer to all ad hoc requests from shareholders, commissioners and departments.

An IFRS-Accountant’s profile

  • Master’s Degree in economics or an equivalent through experience;
  • 3 to 5 years of experience as an auditor or within an IFRS-accounting;
  • knowledge of the business;:
  • well-organised team player.

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